Corporate Strategy


Our client, a small division of a private-equity owned corporation had suffered the loss of 60% of their revenue over the past 5-7 years. With a new management team in place and seemingly excellent products….why was there no growth and how do we kick-start this business?


We started with a comprehensive review of the total available market size and segmentation, as well as an analysis of the competitive landscape. Using demographic, psychographic, and 3rd party data, we were able identify several key “growth limiters”. We then went to work finding solutions to the “growth limiters” and honed in on the market segments where they were most likely to grow quickly. We also researched what product categories they needed to further develop and recommended marketing and
promotional strategies.


  • A comprehensive 5-year growth strategy
  • Financial projections based on expected market growth and penetration
  • Resource and capacity planning
  • Multi-generation product development roadmaps
  • Identification of existing corporate assets to leverage and how to do it.

The new strategy was approved by the corporate parent. Resources have been assigned and implementation is underway.