Distributor Training


Our client, a North American manufacturer, had a distribution network that needed to be better trained in order to sell the client’s full breadth of products. The client wanted to ensure that end-user customers fully understood the merits of their products and their investments in marketing were fully utilized.


We created a three prong training strategy. We designed and coordinated the fabrication of mobile showrooms which are truck/trailer tandems that visit North American retailers to train distributors and showcase the vast portfolio of our client’s products. Secondly, we deployed regional training center network using existing facilities. These centers will provide the necessary training into product features and benefits and installation techniques as well as identifying the right product for the right application. The third leg of the strategy is online learning. These courses will be tailored to different target audiences and delivered via a learning management system implementation.


  • Four mobile showrooms in North America
  • One learning center complete with two more online over 12 months
  • LMS and Content development initiative scoped out and underway