Ease of Doing Business


Our client, a consumer durables manufacturer, had been told by their customers that they were difficult to do business with. There was also a significant disconnect between how sales and customer service perceived the issue. Customer Service either didn’t see the pain points or simply worked around them. Our client lacked standard work, metrics, and didn’t understand the impact of the pain points or how to fix them. This was a significant barrier to growth.


Through both quantitative and qualitative research, we identified that there was a significant opportunity to expand sales by becoming the easiest company to do business with in the industry. We benchmarked competition and conducted research with over 10,000 customers in order to identify root causes and pain point impact. We then led VSM events in order to map, improve, and standardize their processes. We developed a prioritized plan of action and turned over the project to a senior executive sponsor and project teams for implementation.


  • Over 100 commercial processes identified for improvement
  • Prioritized what processes would have the biggest impact (what to fix first)
  • Built project plans and project teams for over 100 projects