Marketing Effectiveness & ROI


Our client, a large US-based trade organization was spending millions of dollars on two large marketing programs. Unfortunately, they did not understand if their programs were accomplishing their goals or moving the needle on public opinion. Additionally, they questioned if their marketing investment could be better utilized using other promotional vehicles and if they even had the right strategy.


Working with the CEO, we designed and deployed a comprehensive research and analysis program using online, phone, and personal interview methodologies. We also completed a trend and attitudinal impact study with social media data to understand how the public conversation was trending and where it was likely to go in the future. After careful analysis, we presented these studies to the board of directors and recommended significant changes in strategy, messaging and tactics.


  • Delivered detailed and comprehensive reporting package that was shared
    throughout their organization
  • Recommended course-corrections to their overall strategy based on data
    and facts. These recommendations were implemented by the client.
  • Determined a baseline in which to measure all future marketing efforts