Sales Process Re-Engineering


Our client, a privately held manufacturer, had salespeople that simply were not spending enough time selling as compared to executing administrative tasks. This inefficiency was a significant growth limiter as well as a constant source of frustration for the field, customers and senior managers.


We began by conducting research with the Sales Team and their customers. The data told us that the sales team only spent 55% of their time actually selling. The data also showed us what processes were broken and what the impact was on productivity if we fixed them. With the research providing us a clear roadmap we calculated that by increasing the time spend selling from 55% to 75% would be the equivalent of hiring a large number of new salespeople. Therefore, the client was able to make more calls and close more new business with a more productive sales force without any incremental investments in SG&A.


  • Over 25 processes identified for improvement
  • Prioritized what processes would have the biggest impact (what to fix first)
  • Built project plans turned over the project to a senior executive sponsor and project teams for implementation.