SALESFORCE.COM Pipeline Mangement


A large, global corporation purchased Salesforce years ago, but never successfully implemented within the organization. The leadership team struggled with sales pipeline visibility, status reporting, opportunities, risks, and decisions needed to close deals. Since Salesforce was not utilized, the sales team was asked to complete information within excel and the sales admin team spent hundreds of hours each month on compiling information on sales opportunities.


We developed and implemented a multi-step approach to Salesforce adoption. We began at the sales rep level and trained on terminology, guidelines, best practices, cadence, pipeline deliverables, goals and timing. Information and content were methodically disseminated over several weeks to allow users to experiment and learn. We secured prior approvals from leadership on their expectations and later trained them on the process ensuring they were aligned with the sales team. While perceived as a complicated tool that spans multiple layers within an organization, Salesforce was successfully implemented to provide visibility to the sales pipeline and to significantly reduce hours associated with reporting.


  • A faster and more reliable sales management tool
  • A more predictable stream of sales revenue
  • Visibility to the most profitable opportunities, while deleveraging risks
  • Robust metrics & operational cadence to ensure revenue creation
  • $700 million pipeline updated bi-weekly for up-to-date info
  • Automated reporting and documented needs to close opportunities
  • Owners, timing, and deliverables needed for every project
  • The Salesforce implementation launched in North America and ultimately encompassed pipeline funnel management, contact management, lead generation, and market data.